God Needs Man

One of the most important things you can learn from reading the Bible is that God needs men, though not in the same way men need God. God needs men to carry out his sovereign plan. Out of the six days in which God created the world, mankind was at the center of it all. God did not rest until human beings were created. Even after the Fall Out, when man left God, God’s will never changed, he still actively pursued to gain the heart of man.

The redemption of men, the building up of mankind and the sanctification of the Spirit were all brought together for one divine purpose — to bring glory to God. In the Old Testament, God chose Jesse’s son David, a man after God’s own heart, to build up God’s kingdom. In the New Testament, God found a man on the road to Damascus who was educated at the feet of Gamaliel, a man who will go on and devote the rest of his life to God, a man who will go and expand the Church to all the ends of the world.

To this day, God is still in need of men. I happened upon an opportunity to listen to Jeremy Lin’s testimony. He spoke about God calling him to play in the NBA. He explains that he does not play for the money, for the fame, for the women, large houses or fancy cars, but instead he plays for the glory of God. Despite the temptations and the struggles he faces, his perseverance never changes. He continues to play for the glory of God. Praise the Lord, for there is once again a man who is able to bring God’s name to all the ends of the world.

A few days back my colleague Dr. Voo asked the congregation if they knew that a great person has appeared in our world today. In fact this person has appeared in Houston. When asked who they thought this person might be, the name Jeremy Lin appeared more than once.

I started praying for him. On an occasion where I had the opportunity to meet him, I received tacit agreement from him that what he needs the most today is not money, not a multitude of fans, but prayer, because when God is at work, Satan will do everything in his power to take the glory away from God and to ruin all the great work that He has planned. We know that Jeremy Lin faces not only physical and emotional battles on the ball court but also spiritual battles against the greatest Evil on this earth. For God to find a Harvard scholar or a man of great power and position is not hard. However, for Him to find a man after His own heart is not an easy task. Therefore, I urge my fellow brothers and sisters, and myself included, to take turns praying every hour around-the-clock for our fellow brethren, Jeremy Lin, a man chosen by God Himself to glorify His name. Words of encouragement are welcome as well. I hope that our prayers may be heard so that the Lord may “protect Brother Lin’s body, heart and soul” in order to bring glory to God.

 Elder Ephraim Huang

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